'Stand In' 
10 mins. dance/theatre, with sculpture element, collaboration with artist, Ed Spence
Presented at The Interplay Project, Moberley Arts Centre, Vancouver, BC, October 2014

Vandocument Interview, June 2014

'Right Here'
10 mins. Site specific dance work,
presented at Summer Lovin, Dances for a Small Stage, Shadbolt Arts Centre, Burnaby, June 2014

Langley Fine Arts School, Guest teacher/choreographer, Langley, BC, May 2014
created commissioned work 'Portrait/Landscape' for Esprit De Corps, 10 mins. 20 pre-professional dancers
workshops for high school dance program


Co-Artist in Residence: Movent's Community Stages project, Vancouver, March/April/May 2014

Georgia Straight Fall arts Preview, Interview, Sept 2014

8 mins. dance performance
Risky Business, Rebel Yells, Dance Matters Series, Toronto, ON, February 2014

Full scholarship to Edam's contact scholarship program with Peter Bingham, Vancouver, January/