photo credit: Andi McLeish

the edges of things are ill defined

20 mins / 2 performers / 2016

Limbs rise and fall in shadows. Two figures create abstract images as their bodies intersect. A third figure illuminates the dancers in real time, controlling a hand-held light and guiding the audiences’ eye through a moving Rorschach test. The light moves to the front of the stage, giving the audience glimpses of the performers faces as they find themselves at the brink of exhaustion, manipulating each others bodies, climbing, lifting, moving sometimes as one. 

Created with the generous support of the Dance Centre, Dance Victoria and the Lola Projects, under the mentorship of Gabi Beier. 

Previous performances:
Dancing on the Edge Festival, the Dance Centre, Vancouver, BC, 2016
Expanse festival, the Chinook Series, Edmonton, AB, 2016
Dance Days Victoria, Dance Victoria, Victoria, BC, 2016