Julianne Chapple's work explores surreal imagery, objecthood and memory. Drawing on a history of performed movement including circus acrobatics and performance art as well as classical and contemporary dance forms, the edges of the body's mobility is explored and exploited often to the effect of depersonalizing and fragmenting the human form.

Julianne’s choreography has been presented at the Edam Dance Series, Dancing on the Edge, Dance in Vancouver, Push Off, Dances for a Small Stage, Festival Launch, 12 Minutes Max, Drift Arts Festival, SWARM Art Walk (Vancouver), Dance Days (Victoria), The Chinook Series (Edmonton), Risky Business Rebel Yells, A Woman's Work (Toronto), Tipperary Dance Festival (Ireland), Echo Echo Festival of Dance and Movement (Northern Ireland) and Nah Dran (Berlin). Her performance, video and installation work has been presented at the Foreshore, Franc Gallery, Dusseldorf's Open Art Film Festival, Iris Film Collective's One Take Super 8, ViDEOSkin: Contemporary Dance Works Exhibition at the Edge Gallery and Latitude 53's Visualeyez Festival of Performance Art. 

Julie has created commissioned works for Dancestreams Youth Company, and Esprit de Corps, Langley Fine Arts School's pre-professional dance ensemble. She frequently acts as a guest instructor for contemporary dance, choreographic techniques and circus style partnering. 

Most recently, she was awarded the 2017 Iris Garland Emerging Choreographer Award and was artist in residence at Echo Echo Studios in Northern Ireland. Julie is a member of media art collective the Work Group, artistic director of Future Leisure, producer of the Shooting Gallery Performance, and sits on the board of directors for CADA-West.


photo credit: Ed Spence

photo credit: Ed Spence