DOTE: Blog Post for the Dance Centre, June 2016

DOTE: Video message for the Dance Centre, June 2016

'Gigi and Maurice'
4 min. Super 8 film, collaboration with Ed Spence
Commisioned by the Iris Film Collective
Presented at One Take Super 8, Western Front, Vancouver, BC, May 2016

Artist in residence: Blog Post for the Dance Centre, April 2016

Curator/presenter, Shooting Gallery Performance Series #1, March 2016

'the edges of things are ill defined' 
20 mins. dance/performance
presented at Dance Days, Dance Victoria, Victoria, BC, February 2016

'the edges of things are ill defined' 
20 mins. dance/performance
Presented at Chinook Series, Edmonton, AB, February 2016

Partnering through Structure and Release workshop with Julianne Chapple
presented by the Good Women collective and the Chinook series, February 2016

Chinook Series Interview, January 2016

'Self Portrait'
20 min dance/performance
presented at 'After the Fall' Edam Series, Edam Dance, the Western Front, Vancouver, December 2016
review here: http://performanceplacepolitics.blogspot.ca/2016/12/after-fall-at-edam.html

'Women Appear (and sometimes they learn how to disappear)"
photography and performance exploration supported by Shooting Gallery Performance
excerpt presented at Shooting Gallery Performance series 2nd edition, December 2016

Artist in residence at EDAM dance, September-December 2016

Creative Unblocking Interview by Amanda Truscott, November 2016

'Suffix study no. 6'
presented at Dusseldorf Open Art Film Festival, Dusseldorf, Germany, Oct 2016

'Suffix study no. 6'
20 min performance/sculptural installation
presented by Franc Gallery, in conjunction with 'Soft Error' by Ed Spence, Vancouver, May 2016

also support by Franc Gallery, this solo performance was translated into video

'the edges of things are ill defined' 
20 mins. dance/performance
presented at Dancing on the Edge, Vancouver, July 2016