photo credit: Chris Bentzen

                                                                                                                                                                                                                    photo credit: Chris Bentzen


ensemble / full length dance performance and installation / work in progress

Suffix is an ongoing exploration of movement, sculpture, technological advancement and immortality.

It will be presented as a evening length performance work in at the Dance Centre, Vancouver, in 2018. 

Created with the generous support of the Dance Centre, Franc Gallery, Canada Council for the Arts. 

Excerpts previously presented at: 
Suffix study no. 6, video, Dusseldorf Open Art Film Festival, Germany, 2016
Suffix study no. 6, performance, Franc Gallery, Vancouver, 2016
Suffix study no. 5, performance, 12 MM, Artspring, Saltspring Island, 2015
Suffix study no. 4, performance, 12 MM, the Dance Centre, Vancouver, 2015
Suffix studies no. 1-3, informal showing, DanceLab, the Dance Centre, Vancouver, 2014

Below: performer Maxine Chadburn, footage by Ed Spence